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Diving Deeply

A Jungian Art Therapy Journey into the Subconscious


Diving DeeplyJane had the pleasure and good fortune of being mentored for seven years, by Dr. Edith Wallace, one of the pioneers of art therapy and holder of the American Art Therapy Association’s prestigious “Cutting Edge Award”. Dr. Wallace had received her psychoanalytical training directly from Dr. Carl Jung and Mrs. Jung. Her unique method of collaging with many hued tissue papers, to create a series of works exploring the individual’s subconscious will be offered.

Opening and building channels to the depths of the psyche, out of moments of playful discovery and confrontations with beauty, participants will journey to what Jung calls the Self. Because image precedes mental process, new information is revealed in the very personal nature of this technique. As a very important preparation for this event, partakers are asked to write their life story as a myth or fairytale. These will provide a basis for revelations that may arise in the time together.

“What we have known and done before has laid the foundation for what we can do and recognize now.”