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Exploring Trauma Through Art

Exploring Trauma Through Art


Exploring Trauma Through ArtTrauma is more present in our lives than in recent generations, since Mid Century. Often we pass by it with a “Stay Calm and Carry On” attitude, and do quite well, thank you. Trauma can take may forms from abusive behavior to viewing or experiencing uncomfortable events. It is, however, accumulative, and one day we may realize we just aren’t functioning at our personal best. For example, sometimes our concentration may waver, we may have sleep challenges, lack of interest, or we just don’t have the energy to bounce back like we used to. If not addressed, it can undermine our ability to operate at our potential, or even at a steady keel. Our resilience has been compromised and it’s beginning to show to others. This can often be quite isolating.

The amazing body we inhabit has its ways of letting us know very effectively, if we are aware enough to monitor ourselves, though. Recently, mind body practitioners are proving that tracking body sensations and retraining the mind to adapt has been shown effective in diminishing the effects of trauma, and increase the ability to move on in our lives.

An effective method in this area is actually quite enjoyable in its process. By having the creative side of your brain do the work, in a nonthreatening pleasant form, you can train yourself to intervene before you become incapacitated. Creating a safe, nurturing space through containment and mindfulness, and working in a group to support your unfolding has resulted in increased vitality for participants. Symbolic representation of the journey allows for a collected resource to draw on for reference.

With the artmaking of art therapy, no talent is required, other than your innate ability to form your own personal symbolic language. Witnessing others’ renditions is part of the enjoyment of working in the group and encourages personal creativity and expression.

Womens’ closed group starts soon for eight sessions from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver. Complimentary personal intake meeting and pre-registration is mandatory. $295 for eight sessions includes all materials and take home resources for future reference. Facilitated by Jane Kane, RCAT, BCATR, Registered Art Psychotherapist.

Phone: 778-835-9090

NEW: presently registering for Professionals’ Art Therapy Support Group.