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From the women

safe ways to express experiences, creative and positive ways to transform negative thoughts and feelings

I have more of a sense of responsibility to the process and to keep the process moving forward

safe, self regulated, creative

it was great to allow my vulnerability out without censoring

time to process my hidden emotion

when I have over reacted the turnaround time to calmer emotions is much quicker

I am more joyous, positive and confident

I have new coping skills to use in the real world, and the child’s voice is fading away

I feel more confidence to deal effectively with my triggers

I learned to open up my thoughts and heart and deal with them

I have tools to help me when it gets too much

I trust myself more and I now attract others without fear

when I don’t know what to do I can make art and find a calm place again

I worry less of what people think of me

finding compassion and understanding with myself


From the men

learning how to express my feelings, instead of stereotypically bottling them up, listening and trying to understand others’ feelings

I’ve learned how to stay cool in situations that I was unaware that I was being abusive in, so now I understand how escalation occurred. I feel much better informed and guided to see myself through difficult times

continuing to improve my self awareness, and better understand and control my triggers and respond to conflict

it was important to hear that I wasn’t alone in my experience and challenges

everybody is equal so I should be respectful by replacing my judgemental attitude

I can choose to avoid any type of provocation

being more open about my feelings has made our communication a lot better

checking myself I am more aware of the signals my body is giving me to alert me to my feelings

learning is a life long process needing conscious and consistent effort

I now have a willingness to understand differently and an ability to be outside my comfort zone