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Maiden Moontime MusingsWhen girls become teens, their focus changes, putting themselves at the center of their universe. To become women, they develop new relationships away from their family and look outward for their choices. We will explore the importance of finding mentors helpful to the unique and personal development necessary to becoming women. Girls 13 to 17 years are invited to bring either their mother, or another older woman to join them. Mementos will be created to take away from this workshop as well as a follow-up being mailed out to recapture the discoveries made in our time together.



A Journey Into Moontime: Ruth Zachary Montage - click image to visit website

Credit: Ruth Zachary Montage:

A special time for mothers and their preteen daughters. Dedicated to my own now adult daughter and honouring the ritual of entering “Moontime”. Keeping communication open and honest  throughout the tumultuous teen years is the key to survival. Developing a nurturing female presence to satisfy the yearning for support in times of confusion will be our focus. You and your daughter will have ample opportunity to develop and share skills and stories, important to the building of trust and love to weather the future challenges.